04 Desember 2008

[ac-i] MinYak Dec08

Hello, what's your name?
Jose Luis Calle.
Where are you from?
Madrid, although my family is from Badajoz in Spain.
And that makes you what kind of person?
Passionate, positive, loving, caring, outgoing and very open minded.
So what's a nice Spanish boy like you doing on an island like this?
Nowadays, managing The Bale in Nusa Dua while also working in other projects under the umbrella of Lifestyle Retreats, our management company.
How long have you been doing what you do?
Running The Bale on and off for five years plus. Working in hospitality, 22 years so far.
What's the secret of running a successful hotel or resort?
I believe it's all about heart. You must have the passion to work, not because it is a job and you get paid, but because your heart is into what you do...in both good and bad times. I also feel that a hotelier has to let his team grow and move on, letting them make mistakes, having an open and honest communication at all times and basically building up a sense of family within the team. Leading by example is another key element, as everyone should be able to carry a tray or clean up a room or bring luggage, regardless of the position you have or department you belong to; the staff will appreciate and respect you more than being a tough guy. By creating a happy working environment, the team will transmit that feeling to guests, who will then appreciate the casual-yet-professional service offered, with or without the GM around – very important as well. Getting to know guests is obviously critical, meeting them on arrival, during their stay or simply giving them a call to welcome them to the property... Small things matter, especially in boutique properties.
What's the nicest thing your colleagues in the industry say about you?
Well, erm... not really sure. You should ask around! Brandon, our chef, recently said that I was quite a character to work with...may be good or bad...but he also said that he would stay around as long as we would have him, so it must be more of the first!
What's the worst?
From my team at The Bale and other properties that I worked with in the past, they all know I love last minute stuff, as well as to improvise
things...I can drive everyone nuts if something comes to my mind!
We hear you were once quite the party boy...?
I believe my mom would confirm that I was already dancing in her tummy! Yes, I must admit that....although I have slowed down a bit. I still enjoy going out but not as wild as a few years back when I was out nearly every night. Oops!
What's the latest thing that's rocked your world?
Naomi, my little angel. Seven months old now... she is such a cutie!
Are you a protective father?
VERY...as I was very naughty and playful. Marcel, my wife, says that it's payback time. But not as bad as Michael Douglas in his role as father in You, Me and Dupree...If you haven't watched it, do so. Quite fun!
How will you handle your daughter if she turns out to be a wild child?
I will have to go out with her a few times just to make sure she is ok. I would love to be my daughter's best friend...have that open communication we talked about and work out stuff together. Actually, she has something about music too. While Marcel was pregnant, Naomi would go wild with Tiesto and Red Hot Chili Peppers! That's already positive, huh?
What attributes do you expect from a son-in-law?
Uff...that's a tough one. I must like him VERY much...Next question please?!
What was the last book you read?
Veronika Decides To Die. By Paulo Coelho.
Can you recite a line of poetry?
No. But I can cook a very good Spanish omelette! Or prepare the best Rum & Coke. Does that count?
We're not sure. Will you ever cut off your ponytail?
I don't think so my friend. It's sort of me, really...
Where's the worst place you have ever visited?
Don't remember any bad place so far. Quite happy to experience all sorts of places...prefer to say each place is "different" rather than bad.
What's wrong with Bali?
Traffic...and parking! Not enough infrastructure.
What's right with it?
People, culture, scenery, food and the massages!
When was the last time you were sad?
Recently when I got back from overseas and Naomi didn't recognise me at first sight...it took her a day! I was away for three weeks...
If you had a million bucks in the bank, what would you do?
First thing would be to upgrade an orphanage Marcel and I support in Java ...the rest, no idea...
What's the last thing that goes through you head at night?
What time Pipin (one of our three dogs...and the most naughty one) will jump on the bed in the morning to wake me up!
Jose Luis Calle, we thank you very much.

Excuse us while we turn 21…we wanted to be Rolling Stone for a day. December marks our 21st issue and our fifth anniversary, so it was out with our regular covers and in with one of our fave icons of all time – that tongue – especially adapted with Yak panache to knock your cashmere socks off. Inside it's an all new mag. We've undergone a facelift to match our new age, with a more modern and cleaner look that lets the luxe shine through. It's also the biggest Yak ever...198 pages of pure island indulgence and eight pages of Yak Directory. If there's not something in there to tickle your fancy, then may we suggest a visit to the chiropractor to check your nerve endings. Enjoy, and may The Yak be with you during this festive season.


The recent James Bond fever has led us to The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo and the world's most expensive cocktail: Diamonds-Are-Forever. How expensive, you ask, as you peer into your wallet? No, you won't have enough. A staggering $15,000 dollars (I am not sure that even includes the ++ we live with) for yes, you have guessed it, a Martini. Definitely stirred and not shaken...as the secret ingredient is a 1.6 carat diamond that obviously replaces the olive (please don't swallow it). The D-A-F tail works out about $1,500 a sip. Nice! Do they charge extra for the twist, we wonder?

Qunci Pool Villas - Lombok
Exquisite pool villas and spa on Lombok's pristine west coast; perfect for getting away from it all for sunset cocktails, lounging and loving…or you can just bring the kids. Alternatively pack a party, grab a plane and rent Qusia, the luxury three-bedroomed butlered private villa. Oh yes.

Finally somewhere smart to lounge while waiting for your flight home (for those who aren't privy to the business class lounges). The Bali Concierge now offers an Airport Departure Service including a modern lounge; a paging and sign-boarding service at the departure area two hours before flight departure; meet and greet; airport tax assistance and escort to the lounge. Etcetera. $30 per person, Nov-Dec. reservations@thebaliconcierge.com
Hu'u Bar…Now the place for lunch. Fabulous nasi hu'uduk from new chef Philip Mimbimi at Nutmegs restaurant. Check it out! Tel: 736443.

WHERE TO BUY Nusa Dua: Body & Soul; The Conrad Resort Bali, The Bale, The Laguna, Westin Resort and Spa, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel.  Jimbaran: DeLicious, Intercontinental Resort and Spa, Trattoria Jimbaran  Kuta: ESC Sky Garden, Ocean Beach Terrace, The Wave. Periplus Bookstores: Nusa Dua, Discovery Mall, Kuta Galleria and Seminyak.  Sanur: Hardy's Sanur  Seminyak: Anantara Resort, Bali Deli, Ku De Ta, The Luxe Loft, Sofitel Hotel, The Oberoi, Wah Wah Gallery. Tuban: Ma Joly, Discovery Mall.  Ubud: Ary's Warung, Wah Wah Gallery, Ubud Hanging Gardens.
6th  Herbal Medicine Workshop at Green School, 9am and 4pm.Registration fee Rp 250,000. Tickets from I Made Chakra, Tel: 0813 3879 4571 or email chakra@greenschool.org
13th  Fundraising event for R.O.L.E Foundation at the Water Grill and Fish Market, Outrigger, O-CE-N Bali. 6pm sunset drinks, seafood buffet and live Balinese-style cabaret from 7.30pm. Raffle prizes and a charity auction. Proceeds to Role Foundation Women's School and Marine Resources Programs. Tickets Rp350,000. Call 778149.
Until 15th Seniwati Art by Women,
Ganesha Gallery @ Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay.Open daily 9am-6pm, in support of the Senyum Bali Foundation, the Seniwati Gallery for Women and the Abdul Aziz Foundation. Information from Ibu Luh, Tel 701010.
  until Jan 12th at Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort Bali @ Jimbaran Bay, an exhibition by artist Davina Stephens entitled This Side of Paradise. Gallery opening hours 9am-6pm.
19th  SKAL Bali Christmas Ball 2008. Nikko Bali Resort & Spa, Cocktails 7pm, Dinner, Dance and Show 8pm. Rp550,000 per person. Tickets from skalbali@dps.centrin.net.id
31st  New Year's Eve Ku De Ta, Hollywood Legend. Live jazz by Headspace & DJ Billy the Kid. 7pm-3am, tickets Rp1,390,000 on the door or pre-sale Rp650,000. Reservations 736969.
31st  Hu'u Bar New Year's Eve party with John Wong and Hu'u Trio Dj Marvin (Singapore) DJ Yuyu and percussionists; Tarot Card Reader. 11pm 'til late, tickets Rp350,000 available from 736 443.

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