19 November 2008

[ac-i] mohon tulisan ttg event GEMPITA GIANYAR

Salam Budaya
Mas Bayu, untuk mengisi rubrik majalah seni budaya MATAJENDELA yang dikelola oleh Taman Budaya Yogyakarta mohon bantuan Mas untuk membuat tulisan tentang GEMPITA GIANYAR (meliputi  latar belakang sampai  kehadiran acara GEMPITA GIANYAR dalam bentuk 2 bahasa beserta dokumentasi foto). pabila  berkenan kami akan memberikan imbalan uang lelah Rp 300.000,'- Tulisan kami tunggu di E-mail : matajendela@yahoo.com. Atas perhatiannya kami ucapkan terima kasih.

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Dear Sirs,

We would like to deliver our biggest appreciation as your support for Gempita Gianyar 2008. By this email we send you the event photos and release.

Hopefully we can work together again on the next event.

Best Regards,
Bayu Rahanatha, SE
Event / Marcom consultant
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Gempita Gianyar 2008, Festival of Art, Culture and Environment

"Mencumbu Alam di Bumi Kahyangan"

(Romancing The Nature in Paradise )


An open-air collaboration of Dance, Music and Fashion in Gianyar;

An artistic creation of Jay Subyakto


Jakarta, November 7, 2008 – The art, culture and environment festival of "Gempita Gianyar" is back again this year. Titled "Mencumbu Alam Di Bumi Kahyangan" (making love with nature in paradise), the 2nd Gempita Gianyar will take place from November 14 to 16, 2008. This will be a join production between the government of Gianyar Regency with Yayasan Sekar Saji Nusantara (YSSN).


Apart from preserving Balinese culture and promoting Gianyar as the center of Balinese culture, Gempita Gianyar 2 is put together to attract the attention of the world. Gianyar is the origin of Balinese culture; making it the ideal location for such a huge festival. 


"Gianyar is optimistic with the current development of tourism industry, which builds its establishment around the art and culture—the best elements in today's creative economy. Hence, through events like Gempita Gianyar, we want to promote our region and position it as Bali 's main tourism icon," said the District Leader of Gianyar, Ir. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, M.Si.


Through the performances of the beauty of art, culture and nature of Gianyar, the Government of Gianyar wishes to attract domestic tourists to Gianyar Regency.  More than just being recognized as a region that cares about art and culture in the tourism industry, Gianyar also wants to be acknowledged as one that is good in preserving its natural environment.


Along with the mission, the Government of Gianyar Regency also honored Yayasan Sekar Saji Nusantara for the collaborations in organizing Gempita Gianyar in two consecutive years.  As a non-profit organization, YSSN offers a combination of art, fashion and culture festival and an environment conservation movement through Gempita Gianyar 2.


"Yayasan Sekar Saji Nusantara is committed to support any efforts to preserve the arts and culture of the nusantara (Indonesia archipelago) . That includes crafts, culinary, dance and the likes. Gempita Gianyar is assembled again this year as a form of aesthetic communication to rediscover the novelty of Bali," explained Marayuna Anwar Nasution, the Chairperson of Yayasan Sekar Saji Nusantara, and the owner of the concept behind Gempita Gianyar 2. "Arts and culture cannot be preserved if the equilibrium between the nature and the social beings within it is stumbled. We are profoundly implement nature rejuvenation programs to anticipate the ever worsening global climate," Marayuna continued.  Through the same notion, the organizer of the event invites tourists to make love with nature in the paradise land, Bali.


Replicating last year's success, Jay Subyakto is involved again in this year's Gempita Gianyar as the program's art director. Gempita Gianyar 2 will be segmented in three highlights: "Exotic Culture", "Romancing the Nature in Paradise – A Green Gathering" and "Pesta Tenun".


"Exotic Culture"


Gempita Gianyar 2 will be opened with a music-and-dance performance titled "Calon Arang," wrapped as a cultural carouse presenting  an interaction of four prominent Bali dancers: Ni Ketut Cenik, Ni Wayan Sekariani, I Ketut Rina and Sri Maharyeni. Ni Ketut Cenik is an 82 year old dancer, who will share the stage with her granddaughter and great-granddaughter ; an unprecedented three-generation public performance.


This is more than just a rare opportunity, since the three will perform a dance that reflects the difference among them. From an old, classical dance by Ni Cenik, to a more modern number by Ni Wayan Sekariyani—her granddaughter; and a different interpretation— without losing its sacred values—by her great-granddaughter , Sri Maharyeni. Ni Ketut Cenik's family is one of very few Bali's dance performers with international reputation. Unfortunately, however, not many know her at home.


The fame of I Ketut Rina is not much different with Ni Ketut Cenik's family. She is one of the most internationally acknowledged Balinese progressive dancers and choreographers who is an alien to her Indonesian fellows. This very reason is what moved Jay to involve the artists in Gempita Gianyar 2008.


"I wish what we are going to perform in Exotic Culture will remind the public about the magical power possessed by Gianyar as the center of Balinese culture. Gianyar is widely known as 'the Art Land of Bali', the place where different cultures of Bali Island root", said Jay Subyakto. "The dance and arts of Bali alone have been a remarkable technology," Jay added. "That's why I would not dare to abuse the originality and the humbleness of Balinese arts with the use of technological gizmos in producing the performance".


Another uniqueness of "Exotic Culture" is the location of the event itself. It is originally a volleyball lawn that was communally built by the inhabitants of a village at Pucak Payogan. The site has been artistically transformed to a stage. Apart from the four dancers, Gita Gutawa will also on stage as a guest star.



"Romancing the Nature in Paradise" – A Green Gathering


What makes Gempita Gianyar 2 different with its kins is the presence of ecotourism factor in the series. Presented as a Green Gathering, "Romancing the Nature in Paradise " is a environment preservation action, symbolized through releasing turtle hatchling (tukik) to the sea and coconut and camplung tree planting. The activities will take place at Masceti Beach open-air, involving local inhabitants—in carrying out the event and the maintenance of the trees. The children who live in Masceti Beach area will adopt each tree planted in the "Green Gathering". They will nurture and make sure the tree will grow. A choir of 150 children will accompany the tukik release procession from Bali with Gita Gutawa as a guest star.


"Pesta Tenun"


Besides dance performances, Gempita Gianyar 2 will also present a fashion show in the middle of paddy field, among coconut trees at the lawn of Ubud Village Resort & Spa.  The program titled "Pesta Tenun" will obviously promote Balinese woven fabric, exploiting its unique characteristic.  Woven fabric is seen as the most lavish textile art, even more extravagant than batik, jumputan (tie-dye) and sasirangan. The production process of woven fabric, from thread making (spinning) to weaving takes an enormous amount of time and skill.


"Educating the public to appreciate traditional arts is not easy, indeed. It takes time and needs continual disseminations. We cannot stop at the point of creating jargons about preserving woven fabric only. At the same time, we cannot force an individual taste; that's why we should treat woven fabric in many ways but one. It takes more than a willingness," said Thomas Sigar, senior designer who is also the owner of the concept behind "Pesta Tenun".


In Gempita Gianyar 2, Thomas Sigar collaborates with Putri Ayu Tenun Gianyar to create new breakthroughs to make woven fabric accepted in the fashion world of Indonesia. Hence, the birth of the new style of Balinese woven fabric that features traditional motifs. Using airbrush in vintage rainbow colors, weaves of silk threads are smoothened by adding golden silk threads. As a part of ecological and natural empowerment program, Gempita Gianyar also collaborates with Innatex Bandung to promote other collection featuring natural fibers and colors. "Gempita Gianyar 2 is not an ordinary program; this event puts together arts, culture and nature preservation extravagantly. What I present this time will really focus on the richness of the archipelago's ecology and nature," Thomas added.


Thomas Sigar worked hand in hand with two Bali's prominent designers—Tjok Abi and Tude—to present 40 of their best Balinese woven fabric designs in "Pesta Tenun" of the Gempita Gianyar 2.





Media contact:


Tursiana Setyohapsari 0818-191-490

Marcus Kandou 0819-0522-3337

Dua Synergy Communications

Kompleks Duta Mas Fatmawati Blok C2 No. 19

Jakarta 12150

Tel. 021-7279-2723 Fax. 021-721-0728


blog: http://artculture-indonesia.blogspot.com

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